Loyola NYC High School at 83th Street Admissions Profile for Parents

Loyola NYC is co-ed college preparatory school. In fact, it’s the only co-ed, independent, Jesuit high school in all of New York City. This secondary school challenges men and women to ‘become intellectually fulfilled, open to growth, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice.’ They also work to challenge their students in all areas of their life including intellectually, religiously, aesthetically, physically, and socially.

They offer the best in personal study, leadership, and reflection to make sure that their students become mature individuals and community members. Loyola works on developing diverse and unique talents for each of their students, encouraging students to use their talents for the greater glory of God. They aim to help students ‘go forth and set the world on fire.’

Loyola NYC Quick Facts

Percentage of students accepted to college 100%
Yearly tuition $42,600
Number of clubs and organizations 25
Number of sports and athletic teams 16
Student to teacher ratio 8:1
Average Class Size 15
Approximate grade size 55
Religious foundation Catholic, Jesuit
Student body co-ed
Average SAT score 1350
Average ACT score 30
Loyola High School NYC Admissions Exam TACHS, HSPT, SSAT, ISEE, or any exam in fall of 8th grade
Loyola NYC Scholarship Exam HSPT
Website https://www.loyolanyc.org/
Virtual Tour Virtual Tour Loyola High School NYC
Test Dates, Open House Dates, Information Session Dates https://www.loyolanyc.org/admissions/application-process


Loyola NYC Academics

Loyola strives to provide each of their students with the challenge of forming sound analytical judgements, cultivating powers of self-expression, expressing a keen interest in and concern for all of God’s creations, becoming open to growth as lifelong learners, exhibiting a philosophy of life that is based on sound principles and leading from the inside out with strong beliefs and convictions.

The curriculum at Loyola NYC is designed to provide a humanistic and Christian education to ensure students are fully prepared for the most demanding of colleges. Not only that but they use global learning as a cornerstone of all of their classes to ensure their students are capable of navigating in the interconnected world around them.

In each of their programs, Loyola utilizes technology to enhance the experience. This includes using iPads, which students are required to have throughout their time at Loyola NYC.

Throughout their education students will take 4 credits of English, 3 credits of foreign language, 3 credits of history and social sciences, 3 credits of mathematics, 3 credits of science, and 4 credits of theology. Students will also complete 2 credits of physical education, 0.5 credits in studio art, 0.5 credits in music theory, 0.5 credits in speech, 1 credit in STEM, and 4 credits of electives. Classes are available in standard as well as honors and AP levels, providing students with many options on the courses they choose to take.

College Preparation Program

Students will meet with a college counselor early on in their time at Loyola. In fact, their first semester of their freshman year they will begin learning about the options available to them and how to prepare themselves for their academic future upon leaving Loyola NYC.

Throughout their time at Loyola NYC they will be encouraged to make the right choices on their academics, extra-curriculars, and personal endeavors to ensure that they are ready to enter into the college of their choice upon graduation from Loyola.

Advanced Programs

Loyola offers AP and honors courses in a range of different areas including English, music theory, foreign language, history/social studies, science, and mathematics. There are a variety of different classes within each of these categories that allow students to stretch their limits and work toward even further advancement.

Scores on SAT/ACT and College Matriculation

Students who attend Loyola NYC attend schools such as Boston College, Fordham University, and Georgetown University as per Loyola’s 2016-2020 matriculation list. They also attended international universities in England, Ireland, Spain, and Hungary: Loyola Matriculation Info and List.

Loyola NYC Student Life

Loyola NYC is located right on the corner of 83rd and Park Avenue, taking up most of the block between 83rd and 84th between the school and the church. Located on Park Avenue, it is within walking distance of many of the top restaurants and hot spots in the city as well as Central Park, The Met, and The Guggenheim. It is also within blocks of many of the best schools in Manhattan and the country, including Regis, Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, Marymount School of New York, and Dalton. Regis is across the street. If you wanted your daughter to go to Regis but can’t because it’s an all boys high school, Loyola is an excellent choice for her.

Loyola NYC Sports

There are 16 different sports teams offered at Loyola, with options during all seasons, for both boys and girls. These include:

  • Boys & girls varsity soccer
  • Varsity volleyball
  • Varsity cross country
  • JV boys soccer
  • JV volleyball
  • Boys & girls varsity basketball
  • Boys & girls JV basketball
  • Varsity baseball
  • Varsity softball
  • Golf Varsity
  • Varsity track and field

Loyola NYC Extracurriculars

There are over 20 different clubs and activities available at Loyola NYC, which include:

  • A Cappella
  • Unfold with Maroon and Gold
  • The Blazer
  • Chorus
  • Forensics team
  • Jazz ensemble
  • Liturgical singers
  • Loyola players
  • Makers studio
  • Mathletes
  • Orchestra
  • Robotics
  • Science Olympiads
  • Voices of Loyola (literary magazine)
  • Yearbook
  • Amnesty international
  • Book club
  • Comedy club
  • Current affairs club
  • DAIS/diversity club
  • Exchange programs
  • Garden environmental club
  • Model UN
  • Respect
  • Stock market club

Loyola NYC Scholarship Offerings and Financial Information

Tuition for Loyola NYC varies from year to year, however the 2020-2021 school year rates are set at $42,600. This does not include all of the fees associated with attendance such as costs of an iPad (if the student does not already have one) of up to $500, cafeteria charges of $500 (requested for all students), $200 parent association fees, the cost of books in the amount of $200-$500, examination fees, field trips, class materials for certain courses and other trips or events.

Loyola NYC Famous Alumni

Loyola NYC has graduated a number of different highly skilled professionals who excel in their respective fields. These include:

  • Drea de Matteo, actress best known for hers roles in Desperate Housewives, Friends, Sopranos, and Sons of Anarchy
  • Vince Curatola, actor best known as Johnny Sack in the Sopranos
  • Robert F. Wagner Jr., former Mayor of New York City
  • Jim Dwyer, Pulitzer Prize winner, wrote for Newsday and Daily News
  • Walter Egan, musician best known for the song Magnet and Steel
  • Wellington Mara, former owner of the New York Giants
  • Horace Stoneham, former owner of the New York/San Francisco Giants
  • Dan Topping, JR., former General Manager and Vice President of the New York Yankees
  • Michael Joseph Armstrong, Vice President of electronic trading, Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Kevin Raymond Crotty, Managing Director, Sandler O’Neill and Partners
  • Thomas Cullen, FDNY firefighter who died on September 11
  • Joseph Patrick Shea, partner and senior executive managing director, Cantor Fitzgerald

Loyola NYC Admissions Process

The first step in the admissions process for students wishing to enter Loyola is to create an account with Ravenna and submit their application. In order to be considered for early decision the application must be submitted by a deadline in November each year. Regular admission must be submitted by December. There is also a fee of $80 for applications.

Once the application has been submitted students and their families can schedule an interview and tour of the school.

Then, they will be required to submit a student essay as well as a parent statement.

Prior to the December deadline, teacher recommendations must be submitted by the current math and English teacher of the student and submitted through the Ravenna platform.

Full year transcripts are required for 6th and 7th grade and first term transcripts from the 8th grade year. These must also be uploaded directly into the Ravenna platform.

Students are allowed to submit additional materials, including additional teacher recommendations, entrance exams, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT, or TACHS scores.

Students can also choose to attend an open house or shadow day and are also able to apply for financial aid during this process. If applying for financial aid, students must note this on their application.

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Taking the TACHS, HSPT, ISEE, or SSAT as Entrance Exam for Loyola NYC

Loyola is not registered with the TACHS program, which means that they should not be listed as one of your choices when taking the TACHS exam (if you should choose to do so). Loyola accepts students from all over the NYC area. Similarly to Xavier High School, Loyola will accept scores for almost any entrance exam for admission. This makes preparation easier if applying to many schools.

The best way to prepare for the TACHS, HSPT, ISEE, or SSAT exams is through practice tests. We offer practice tests year round. Our first test for high school entrance between November and April. This is identical every month and only necessary to be taken once. From April to October, we differentiate to focus on each student’s specific schools so take TACHS, HSPT, SHSAT, ISEE, and SSAT practice exams between April and October each year. The practice exams make sure that students do not face any surprises on test day.

Comparison of the TACHS with other high school entrance exams: HSPT and SHSAT

ISEE compared with HSPT

SSAT Compared with HSPT

You can schedule a practice test or see our schedule of practice tests for the year here. The earlier you start, the more prepared your child will be as all learning is cumulative and built upon previous skills and knowledge that they have mastered. Once your student takes a practice test, we will give suggestions on how to improve. We will also suggest potential group (of similar students with similar goals) or individual tutoring.

I work with students throughout their middle school careers to strengthen their academic skills.

My students have earned over $12.8 million dollars in scholarships to NYC’s top private high schools:

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Taking the HSPT as the Loyola NYC Scholarship Exam

Loyola determines scholarships based on grades, leadership activity, understanding the Jesuit tradition, and their unique scholarship exam, which is similar to the HSPT. Preparing for the HSPT requires preparation in vocabulary (especially root words), logic, analogies, reading comprehension, math, and grammar. Very little time is given per question so speed is of the essence.

Most students do very poorly the first time they take an HSPT so practice exams and prep are highly recommended to do well on an HSPT, no matter how bright the student is. The preparation for the HSPT overlaps with section of the TACHS, ISEE, and SSAT. HSPT prep is also identical for prep for many schools like Regis, Xavier, Fordham Prep, and many others. It will also help make the TACHS or other entrance exam feel easy comparatively.

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Applying for Financial Aid

Students who wish to apply for financial aid will be required to note this on their application. They will also need to go through the School and Student Services system to complete a Parent Financial Statement. There is a fee associated with the application. This is a non-refundable amount of $55. The form will require a tax form to fill in all of the information and determine eligibility.

Prep for the Loyola NYC Admissions Process

Anyone who is looking to get into Loyola NYC or to get their child into Loyola NYC will want to get started early. The school is very competitive, and doing well in your classes and potentially on any exams you choose to take to supplement your grades is crucial to being accepted. Not only that, but the school requires excellence in middle school, reflected on student transcripts and grade reports, to be considered for admission. High-level accomplishments in middle school will be a big part of getting into Loyola NYC.

Advanced tutoring, and especially sessions with small groups or even individually, will help students who are looking to get into Loyola NYC to get the help they need to give them a leg up. All provided material throughout the tutoring process is cumulative, so the earlier your student starts, the better off they will be when it comes time to apply.

As someone who scored in the 99th percentile on these exams and earned full scholarships to all high schools I applied, I know the preparation and commitment it takes to succeed in getting into a private high school. My tutoring team offers group and private tutoring sessions to boost your student’s academic performance and self-confidence for the rigorous private high school admissions season.

Prep Overlaps with Other Private High Schools

Other private high schools in Manhattan you may also consider are Regis High School, Xavier High School, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Marymount School of New York, Dalton, and Stuyvesant. The first four are either all boys or all girls high schools. Many schools share identical preparation and have identical tests. The nuances of their admissions processes vary, but we can answer any questions you have about these. More information on other high schools and exams in NYC

Individual and Group Tutoring Sessions

My students have earned admission to some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Regis, arguably the most prestigious high school in the country. I work with students to improve their academics to make sure they achieve success in their exams and beyond, even when they already excel.

My students have also earned large scholarships to high-level schools, earning over $12.8 million in financial assistance through merit-based scholarships with 42 students passing the rigorous Regis exam to earn an interview. In addition, students I tutored have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to Loyola, with countless others earning admissions to Loyola School NYC.

John Zaborskis tutored students to help them earn over $380,000 in scholarships to Loyola High School NYC since 2015.

In 2022, John’s students earned a combined total of over $3.8 million in scholarships to high school.

Most students take a practice test before their first lesson to identify areas of improvement and potentially group similar students with similar goals. We also use this to compare to future practice tests to determine what is working and what isn’t. Call, text, or email us to discuss the best options for your student, including individual one-on-one tutoring or in a group. Online group sessions have rolling starts year-round. You can view availability for groups and tutoring at Book Me.

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