Over $17 million in Scholarships to High School Since 2015

MasterofChemistry, John Zaborskis, and associated tutors helped students earn over $17 million in scholarships to high school, including 59 interviews to Regis High School, $1,892,112 to Xavier High School in Manhattan, $2,565,000 to Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, and $1,048,900 to St. Joseph by the Sea in Staten Island. There are scholarships to almost every school in the NYC area listed in a circular, colorful chart.
From 2019-2023, 167 out of 351 8th graders earned a scholarship to high school after preparing with us. 183 were accepted to high school. 1 was not.
Out of 351 8th graders we prepared for the TACHS, HSPT, SSAT and/or ISEE, 55 students earned over $100,000 in scholarships 2019-2023. 86 earned over $50,000; 119 earned over $25,000; 160 earned over $10,000

Based on their practice tests, we group similar students with similar goals on a rolling basis.

We aim to help your student learn the material so well that they never forget it and feel prepared for their exams or whenever they need this knowledge in the future.

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Results of all years from 2015 to present are below.