Specialized SHSAT and Regis (HSPT) Test Prep

Most Difficult High School Entrance Exams and Scholarship Exams

I offer specialized HSPT (Regis Test) & SHSAT tutoring in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NYC individually or in small groups. The seventh grade and eighth grade material overlaps on both the SHSAT and HSPT, but the format and time given is very different. Almost all of the material is prerequisite or directly on the college admissions exams. I originally started teaching high school entrance material because I noticed many high school students did not have the proper foundation from sixth and seventh grade.

Our tutors prepare students with optimal test taking strategy so they can do as well as possible on their admissions exams, but my main focus is to help them learn the material so well that they will never forget it. I hope that this will minimize hesitation when they take their tests but also instill a life long love of learning. Ultimately, I hope this desire will snowball for them. I hope they will help solve humanity’s problems and push us to new eras of progress.

Students typically take a practice test before the first lesson. This can be scheduled at the bottom of the page. Please call (917) 592-4466 if you have any questions.

HSPT for private high schools

Regis Exam

Regis is one of the best high schools in the country. All students who attend earn a full four year scholarship. Less than 10% of students are admitted. Entrance is determined based on a test and interview. As an alumnus, I can give a unique perspective and know what it takes to be successful. I’ve tutored over 29 students to pass the Regis test since 2015.

Should my son go to Regis High School?

Xavier Scholarship Exam, Xaverian Scholarship Exam, and many others

The HSPT in New York City is the scholarship test for many private schools including Xavier High School and Xaverian High School. Many NYC private schools use the HSPT or something similar as a scholarship exam, like Marymount in NYC, Fontbonne Hall Academy in Brooklyn, and St. Joseph Hill in Staten Island. Preparing students for the HSPT opens doors for a wide range of excellent schools. The previous twenty-nine students I mentioned above and others who fell a little short of the rigorous Regis admissions process earned over $9 Million in scholarships.

HSPT prep also helps for the ISEE and the SSAT.

SHSAT – Stuyvesant, Staten Island Tech, Brooklyn Technical High School, other specialized high schools

Test prep for the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT – entrance into Stuyvesant High School, Staten Island Technical High School, Brooklyn Technical High School, Bronx Science, Queens High School for Sciences, Brooklyn Latin School, High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College, or High School of American Studies at Lehman College) give your student a chance for admission to some of the most competitive schools in the country. Admission to these schools is only for NYC residents and is strictly based on the SHSAT exam.

Should my student go to Stuyvesant High School?

In all schools, your student will receive a free word-class education which will vault them into the world. These tests have unique sections and skills necessary to master. Regis tests grammar and vocabulary more heavily than the SHSAT. These tests are every year in the beginning of 8th grade, but these tests require many months of preparation for best results. The exams overlap in material but have very different formats. Please see a comparision of the HSPT, SHSAT, and TACHS exams.

How I Prepare Students for High School Entrance Exams

I can teach your student all of the skills necessary to master these tests and potentially open doors for them throughout his or her life. If they can solidify this stuff now, next couple of years in high school math, science, and English will be a breeze. As an alumnus of Regis and former chemistry teacher, I emphasize mathematical applications and critical thinking in word problems. Using my background in Latin, I help students break vocabulary words into their bases so they can figure out words that they may have never seen. I also provide them with my proprietary vocabulary summary of the most common words which simplifies this by orders of magnitude.

I reinforce foundations that so much will be built on in the future. In fact, these tests are the hardest exams that most students will see until the SAT. The hardest material on these is medium level material on the SAT. They will need to master all of this material and build upon it in four years so it will benefit them to work hard at it now. In addition, I frequently bring up situations that relate to other disciplines and stress ideas that I know they will see in the future. It is our duty to push students out of their comfort zone and into situations that challenge them most.

Practice Entrance Exams

Every student takes an initial practice test before the first lesson to evaluate strengths/weakness and compare to all future practice tests. Groups are currently forming. There are typically initial practice tests in November, December, January, February, March, April, and May. This can be found at the bottom of the page. If you are starting in April or later, HSPT and SHSAT practice exams can be scheduled below. This is ourĀ signup and schedule of upcoming practice tests.

Price is typically $20 per student for a 3 hour exam. Space is limited. Contact me to reserve your spot or sign up below:


Practice Regis Entrance Exam (HSPT)

Practice SHSAT Exam