Specialized SHSAT and Regis (HSPT) Test Prep

I offer SHSAT and/or HSPT tutoring in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and NYC  individually or in small groups. Test prep for the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT – entrance into Stuyvesant High School, Staten Island Technical High School, Brooklyn Technical High School, Bronx Science, Queens High School for Sciences, Brooklyn Latin School, High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College or High School of American Studies at Lehman College) and HSPT (entrance into Regis High School, of which I am an alumnus) give your student a chance for admission to some of the most competitive schools in the country. In all schools, your student will receive a free word-class education which will vault them into the world. These tests have unique sections and skills necessary to master. Regis tests grammar and vocabulary more heavily than the SHSAT. The HSPT in NYC  is the scholarship test for many private schools including Xavier High School.

I can teach your student all of the skills necessary to master these tests and potentially open doors for them throughout his or her life.
If they can solidify this stuff now, next couple of years in high school math, science, and English will be a breeze. As a former chemistry teacher, I emphasize mathematical applications and critical thinking in word problems. Using my background in Latin, I help students break vocabulary words into their bases so they can figure out words that they may have never seen. I also provide them with my proprietary vocabulary summary of the most common words which simplifies this by order of magnitude. I reinforce foundations that so much will be built on in the future. In fact, these tests are the hardest exams that most students will see until the SAT. The hardest material on these is medium level material on the SAT. They will need to master all of this material and build upon it in four years so it will benefit them to work hard at it now. In addition, I frequently bring up situations that relate to other disciplines and stress ideas that I know they will see in the future. It is our duty to push students out of their comfort zone and into situations that challenge them most.

These tests are every year in the beginning of 8th grade, but these tests require many months of preparation for best results.

Every student takes an initial practice test before the first lesson to evaluate strengths/weakness and compare to all future practice tests. Groups are currently forming. There are typically initial practice tests in November, December, January, February, March, April, and May.