Below is a summary of the results of 26 students who we tutored and took the TACHS and/or HSPT. They will enter high school in September 2018. Most prep was in group lessons but some was individual or even over skype. They earned over $1,403,725 in academic scholarships to high schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.

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This is a sum of over 1.4 million dollars in academic scholarships. (over $7 Million 2014-2020)  Most students made all three high schools on the TACHS and most were accepted to their first choice. Many were accepted to the Honors and/or Scholars programs to schools such as Xavier, Farrell, St. Peter’s, St. Joseph Hill, Notre Dame Academy, Christian Brother’s Academy, and many other schools in the tri-state area.

On average, each student earned over $40,000 in scholarships over four years.

Values are 2017-2018 tuition from or the school website above. It is safe to assume these will increase within 4 years. The value for Regis is estimated to conservatively increase 3% every year.

Preparation for the rigorous high school entrance exams in New York such as the Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools and High School Placement Tests has already begun. Contact me to talk about how we can get the best results from your student. Sixth and seventh grade is a great time to start, not only because of the impending high school entrance exams but also because grades in 7th grade matter heavily for entrance into most high schools. Most topics in Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Calculus rely on concepts learned/mastered around 7th and 8th grade.

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