Physics Tutoring in NYC, Brooklyn, and Staten Island

At first, physics didn’t make any sense to me either. Before this, most of school is memorization and regurgitation, but physics is more of a way of thinking. After patiently working at it, something clicked and it transformed the way I look at the world. This was refined even more when I learned that Calculus can be applied to solve more complicated problems. This valuable method of thinking is applicable across many disciplines at the high school and college level. I will help your student understand Physics and help prepare them for the Physics Regents, Physics Advance Placement (AP), or Physics SAT II Subject Test in NYC, in Brooklyn, or in Staten Island. I have many practice tests and questions to go over that I always bring with me. If you would like me to include the interdisciplinary nature of the course, contact me and let me know that you are interested in my multi-year long term math/science plan. I also offer small groups for some endeavors.