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Tutoring for SAT Prep in NYC, in Brooklyn, or in Staten Island, I have helped several struggling students improve their score drastically and scored in the 99% myself. I have many practice tests and questions to go over that I always bring with me. I’ve perfected methods to identify and solve each type of problem so that nothing will be a surprise. This is more of a method of thinking consistent with many science classes. Set up the problem correctly (the hard part) and solve it. Time is of the essence so I focus on optimal test taking strategy for multiple choice tests to maximize the student’s score. I will sometimes use a timer for a problem to get the student used to thinking quickly and clearly for the test. My sessions can be intense but rigorous and rewarding. Schedule your next real SAT here.

Identifying and tutoring specific topics

Since I found that many students lack the foundation learned in elemenatary school, I started teaching high school admissions and have had extraoridnary results of over $7 million in scholarships to high school. Almost all of this material is directly on the SAT or a prerequite.

I help SAT students with all levels of material to master anything from any year in math or ELA they have learned throughout their entire lives. If the student’s algebraic, geometrical, or logical foundation is not up to par, I can help build the student’s mathematical toolbox but this is best to start preparing years in advance. If you would like start early, contact me and let me know that you are interested in my multi-year long term math/science plan. I also offer small groups in in NYC, in Brooklyn, or in Staten Island for some endeavors. You can Book Me or some of our tutors below.

In addition, we have many tutors who specialize in SAT Verbal/Writing and/or College Application help.

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Please contact us at (917) 592-4466 if you do not see any suitable groups below as we are constantly making new ones on a rolling basis.

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