Moore Catholic High School Admissions Profile for Parents

Since its founding in 1962, Moore Catholic High School (MCHS) has been a leading choice for motivated students seeking a fully balanced, individualized educational experience on Staten Island. It was named after Countess Mary Young Moore, a benefactress of the Archdiocese of New York by the late Francis Cardinal Spellman and the Presentation Sisters of Staten Island. Moore Catholic High School is a college preparatory, coeducational, Catholic secondary institute, accredited by the Middle States Association of Secondary Schools.

Countess Moore High School was this first Archdiocesan high school for girls on Staten Island until it changed its name to Moore Catholic High School in September 1969 and became co-ed. Noteworthy, the first Moore Catholic High School class of 127 young ladies has more than doubled and evolved into its present co-ed enrollment of over 750 students. Today, MCHS remains one of two co-educational Catholic high schools in Staten Island.


Moore Catholic High School Quick Facts

Percentage of students accepted to college Typically between half and three quarters
Yearly tuition $8,450
Number of clubs and organizations 20+
Number of sports and athletic teams12+ 12+
Student to teacher ratio 14:1
Average Class Size 30
Approximate grade size 750
Religious foundation Roman Catholic, Presentation Sisters
Student body co-ed, approximately 50/50
Average SAT score 1130
Average ACT score 23
Moore Catholic High School Admissions Exam TACHS; ID 306
Scholarship Exam TACHS and more info:; Scholarships and entrance may be awarded for 3rd choice on the TACHS.
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Moore Catholic High School Academics

Recently appointed principal, Regina DeSantis, is continuously ‘pushing the bar higher’ in challenging students to achieve academic excellence at Moore Catholic High School. DeSantis has instilled an individualized, student-centered learning model, while upholding a strong foundation in Catholic values as her platform for success. MCHS’s student enrollment speaks for itself. New programs evidence a maturation as a co-ed school, and most importantly, a reflection of ongoing confidence and support of its capacious Catholic representation on Staten Island.

DeSantis motivates students to be their best selves, while piquing their interests, enthusiasm, and self-confidence in pursuit of academic excellence, creative expression, and spiritual growth. Metaphorically, the schoo’’s philosophy, “Enter as a student; leave as a leader,” resonates within every faction of Moore.

Moore Catholic High School is considered ‘the high school of choice’ for all students seeking a faith-based education. Presentation Sisters founder, the Venerable Honora Nagle, gave a vision to be faithful and hopeful for a better tomorrow
– “With God’s help, we will do great things.” More importantly, the students are taught to be “givers” who encompass a sound moral compass while becoming responsible citizens and productive adults in an ever changing society and unpredictable world. Presently, Moore Catholic High School is under the educational direction of committed laypersons, the Daughters of Our Lady of the Garden and the Sisters of St. John the Baptist.

Moore Catholic High School’s Vision as a continuation of Honora Nagle

Honora (Nano) Nagle (1718 – April 26, 1784) was born in County Cork, Ireland. She founded the “Presentation Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary” (PBVM). In June 1776 she took the name Mother Mary St. John of God. Her ideas for education focused on the spiritual and secular welfare of her students. In 2000, Nagle, aka Nano, was voted Irish Woman of the Millennium in recognition of her importance as a pioneer of female education in Ireland. She was declared venerable on October 31, 2013 by Pope Francis.

Today, the Presentation order has spread to 23 countries worldwide continuing Nagle’s legacy to work for justice, alleviate oppression, and promote human dignity. Moore Catholic High School continues to follow Nano’s vision in responding to the educational and spiritual needs of our time by encouraging students to be a strong pillar for humanitarianism and a proactive pioneer of faith within a tight-knit Catholic community.


College Preparation Program

The Guidance Department, in accordance with the model of the American School Counselors Association, grants students access to an easily accessible mentor, advisor, and spiritual personae who academically, socially, and spiritually guides them during their four years at MCHS.

As well, counselors are available for individual appointments for academic, personal, and college counseling through the use of Naviance, a special software to assist all students with the college application process. In addition, counselors meet with classes regularly to advise students and conduct presentations of grade level curriculum.


Advanced Programs

In 2005, Moore Catholic High School began the Presentation Scholars Academy for gifted students. The students are challenged and take accelerated, college-level, and Advanced Placement classes. The school also has a partnership with St. John’s University, a large Catholic university that gives academic credit to MCHS students for college-level extension courses.

Moore offers over 18 Advanced Placement courses in subjects such as biology, English literature and composition, European history, American history, world history, calculus, and physics. Seniors in Advanced Placement courses take A.P. examinations. These are not only a graduation requirement, but also qualify for college credit by St. John’s University. These college credits are largely transferable.

Courses in English, history, introduction to college mathematics, calculus, science, religion, and criminal justice are available and taught by Moore faculty members with adjunct status at St. John’s University.


Scores on SAT/ACT and College Matriculation

In recent years, MCHS graduates have been accepted to top colleges and universities, including the University of Notre Dame, Stevens Institute of Technology, Fordham University, NYU, Howard University, and William E. Macaulay Honors College at the City of New York. The class of 2019 earned an average of $125,000 per capita in scholarship awards. The class of 2020 earned over $100,000 per student in scholarships: Moore Catholic High School Matriculation Info and List.

Moore Catholic High School Student Life

The tree-lined, sprawling six-acre campus on Staten Island is home to one of eleven secondary schools piloted by the Catholic High School Association of the Archdiocese of New York. Moore has thirty-five classrooms, computer labs, science labs, a chapel. The campus is complemented with the The Michael P. Travers Memorial Library, performing arts complex (music, drama, and dance) and athletic facilities. These include football fields, softball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, gymnasium, and a fitness center.

MCHS is one of only two Catholic co-ed high schools on Staten Island. The other is St. Joseph by the Sea.

Notable events in the life of a student at Moore Catholic High School include Freshman Field Day, Senior Costume Day, Junior Prom, Senior Prom, Hall of Fame Dinner and Golf Outing, Performing Arts Dinner Cabaret, Coaches for Cancer Basketball Tournament, Fall theater production, Christmas Spectacular, Spring musical, Dance and Music Recitals.


Student Demographics

Race Number Percent
Asian 15 2.0 %
Hispanic 75 9.9%
Black 40 5.3%
White 625 82.8%

                    * as reported in 2019


Moore Catholic High School Sports

There are over 10 different sports offered at Moore for boys and girls. These include:

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Track and Field
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Co-ed Cheer leading
  • Bowling
  • Dance Team

The Athletic Director is Kyle McAlarney. Nick Giannatasio coaches the Varsity Football Team


Moore Catholic High School Extracurriculars

There are over 20 activities and clubs to join at Moore including the following:

  • The Game Club
  • Teaching the Christian Message
  • Yearbook, International Club
  • Interact Club
  • The Art Club
  • Prom Club
  • App Design/Quick Coding Club
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Photography Club
  • Newspaper Club
  • The Gianellian Youth Group
  • The Design Club
  • STEM Club
  • Media Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Mu Alpha Theta – Math Honors Society
  • English Honors Society
  • Science Honors Society
  • Student Council

Under the stewardship of our Campus Minister, Mrs. Jillian Kelly and Chaplain, and Father Rhey Garcia, the ministry continues to evolve and grow. Prospective students are invited to participate in a “Maverick for a Day” program. Families and alumni can become involved, while Mr. Charlie Siedenburg, Director of Alumni Relations, assists alumni with being “Moore Connected!”


Performing Arts Program

High school involvement in the Performing Arts is a creative platform for students to articulate ideas, strengthen critical thinking, and build socialization skills. The Performing Arts provides a safe and supportive environment for students to collaborate and express their individual talents. The performing arts program at Moore will provide students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to promote a lifelong learning of the arts. The Performing Arts curriculum is characterized as follows:

  • Theater: Improvisation, Scene Study, Theater History, Play writing, Directing, Musical Theater, Set Design, Costume Design, Stage Makeup, and Audition Techniques
  • Dance: Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, Musical Theater, Dance Vocabulary, Dance History, and Choreography
  • Band: Music Theory, Sight-reading, Music History, Repertoire, Accompaniment Skills, Solo Performing, and Group Performing
  • Voice: Vocal Styling, Breath Control, Music Theory, Sight-reading, Harmonic Techniques, Music History, and Vocal Exercises

Moore Catholic High School Famous Alumni

Notable Alumni from MCHS include the following:

      • Yancey Arias, actor
      • Kathy Brier, actress
      • Jennifer Esposito, actress

    Vidal Hazelton, football wide receiver



Moore Catholic High School Admissions Process

Taking the TACHS as Entrance Exam for Moore

Students aiming to get into Moore must complete all 8th grade requirements and take the TACHS exam. This exam is a standard for most Catholic schools in the area and the results can be sent to up the three schools. Moore must be listed as one of the student’s choices. Their results from the exam must be provided to the school directly from the testing facility.

Moore’s ID is 306. Moore gives preference for first or second choice but will not deny a student entrance or a scholarship for placing them third on the TACHS.

The best way to prepare for the high school admissions exams is through practice tests. We offer practice tests year round. Our first test for high school entrance between November and April. This is identical every month and only necessary to be taken once. From April to October, we differentiate to focus on each student’s specific schools so take TACHS, HSPT, SHSAT, ISEE, and SSAT practice exams.

The practice exams make sure that students do not face any surprises on test day.

Comparison of the TACHS with other high school entrance exams: HSPT and SHSAT

You can schedule a practice test or see our schedule of practice tests for the year here. The earlier you start, the more prepared your child will be as all learning is cumulative. Everything builds upon previous skills and knowledge that they have or will have mastered. Once your student takes a practice test, we will give suggestions on how to improve. We will also suggest potential group (of similar students with similar goals) or individual tutoring.

I work with students throughout their middle school careers to strengthen their academic skills.

My students have earned over $12.8 million dollars in scholarships to NYC’s top high schools:

Full Breakdown of over $3.8 Million in Scholarships 2022

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Moore Catholic High School Scholarship Exam

Moore historically has not had a separate scholarship exam. They have used the TACHS as entrance and scholarship exam, awarding scholarships to the highest scorers on the TACHS. In recent years they have added a scholarship application.

They now also have a scholarship exam in early December:

Most students do very poorly the first time they take an scholarship test so practice exams and prep are highly recommended to do well on one, no matter how bright the student is. The preparation for the scholarship exams overlaps with section of the TACHS, ISEE, and SSAT. The prep is also identical for prep for many schools like Regis, Xavier, Fordham Prep, and many others. It will also help make the TACHS or other entrance exam feel easy comparatively.

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Moore Catholic High School Scholarship Offerings and Financial Information

Moore Catholic High School accepts third party scholarships, grants and tuition assistance awarded to students entering high school. Please contact your school’s guidance counselor or principal for more information.

The Archdiocese of New York offers limited financial assistance opportunities. Please visit for more information.

The Columbus Foundation offers limited scholarships. Please visit for more information.

Student Sponsor Partners (SSP): Moore Catholic High School’s SSP program, SSP Class of 2025 Scholarship Application offers students in New York City financial and personal support. Please visit their website for more information:

Prep for the Moore Catholic High School Admissions Process

Anyone who is looking to earn a scholarship to Moore or to get their child into Moore will want to get started early. The school is very competitive, and doing well in your classes and potentially on any exams you choose to take to supplement your grades is crucial to earning a scholarship.

Advanced tutoring, and especially sessions with small groups or even individually, will help students who are looking to get into Moore Catholic High School to get the help they need to give them a leg up. All provided material throughout the tutoring process is cumulative, so the earlier your student starts, the better off they will be when it comes time to apply.

As someone who scored in the 99th percentile on these exams and earned full scholarships to all high schools I applied, including Moore Catholic High School, I know the preparation and commitment it takes to succeed in getting in. My tutoring team offers group and private tutoring sessions to boost your student’s academic performance and self-confidence for the rigorous private high school admissions season.

Prep Overlaps with Other Private High Schools

Many schools all over the NYC area use the TACHS.Preparing for the TACHS will prepare the student for the vast majority of Catholic high schools in the city.

Other private high schools in Staten Island you may also consider are St. Joseph By the Sea, Monsignor Farrell, St. Peter’s, St. Joseph Hill, and Notre Dame Academy. The last four are either all boys or all girls high schools.

Other somewhat nearby co-ed, Catholic high schools include Xaverian High School in Brooklyn and Loyola in Manhattan. Many schools share identical preparation and have identical tests. The nuances of their admissions processes vary, but we can answer any questions you have about these. More information on other high schools and exams in NYC

Individual and Group Tutoring Sessions

My students have earned admission to some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Regis, arguably the most prestigious high school in the country. I work with students to improve their academics to make sure they achieve success in their exams and beyond, even when they already excel.

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John Zaborskis tutored students to help them earn over $55,000 in scholarships to Moore since 2015.

For 2022, John’s students earned a combined total of over $3.8 million in scholarships to high school.

Most students take a practice test before their first lesson to identify areas of improvement and potentially group similar students with similar goals. We also use this to compare to future practice tests to determine what is working and what isn’t. Call, text, or email us to discuss the best options for your student, including individual one-on-one tutoring or in a group. Online group sessions have rolling starts year-round. You can view availability for groups and tutoring at Book Me.

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