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I enjoy that Chemistry is so interrelated with the other sciences and math that it is hard to separate them (“like dissolves like”). We will help your student focus on the important concepts that they need to succeed. We’ve successfully tutored students for many chemistry exams including the Chemistry Regents, Chemistry Advanced Placement, CLEP, or Chemistry SAT II Subject Test in NYC, in Brooklyn, in Staten Island, or online. I have many practice tests and questions to go over as well as my own proprietary Regents Summary that I share with all of my students. It has everything you would ever need to know to pass the Chemistry Regents.

How do you know that atoms don’t tell the truth? They make up everything!

No one ever says anything funny in chemistry anymore because all the good jokes argon.


Why I Enjoy Teaching Chemistry

Everyone needs at least a minimal foundation in chemistry and science/math. Chemistry is literally all around us and inside of us. It’s the entire universe. Everything everywhere (that we know about) is chemistry. Our bodies are big chemical reactions with a delicate balance. To react quickly and even think, our bodies use differences between the amounts of potassium and other charged atoms send electrical signals through our body!


Why is Learning Chemistry Important?

Understanding and mastering chemistry can yield powerful knowledge or even a career in health, nutrition, medicine, sports, weightlifting, energy, and many other fields, not to mention the cool ideas and ways of thinking one can apply from chemistry to other subjects. For example, Le Chatelier’s Principle in chemistry can be applied to explain some concepts from history class, like wars or economics. I firmly believe that there is no difference between being able to apply math/science and having superpowers.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

The more chemistry you know, the less easily you can be manipulated. Has anyone ever asked you to sign a petition banning the dangerous chemical that kills many people everywhere, dihydrogen monoxide? (Spoiler alert: dihydrogen monoxide is water.) Our foods, make up, clothes, laundry detergents have advertisements for chemicals which you may or may not need. On the other hand, learning chemistry will help you not overestimate a potential danger when others are scared. Overall, math and science help us learn the truth about the world and ground us in a factual reality instead of believing fiction because we don’t know any better. Every adult needs this. The world also needs plenty of people to master this material and help advance us into the future.


Chemistry overlaps with Biology and Physics

There are many overlaps in Living Environment (Biology) that are typically learned at the high school and college level. For example, carbohydrate, lipid, and protein structure can all be described using chemistry. In fact, enzymes in biology are just a subset of catalysts in chemistry. Catalysts speed up a reaction by lowering the activation energy…and all of a sudden we are in physics.

Without understanding basic physics, chemistry can be nearly impossible to learn. At first, chemistry can be really tough because it seems like there is always an exception to the rule. But once you begin to think like an atom, things get less electron cloudy. We can help you forgive your grievances with chemistry and let your pi-bonds be pi-bonds.

If you would like us to include the interdisciplinary nature of the course, contact me and let me know that you are interested in our multi-year long term math/science plan. We also offer small groups for some endeavors, like the Chemistry Regents.

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Chemistry Regents Prep Courses

12-week course that starts in March/April with an option to start in a smaller group than 5 students before March. Chemistry Regents Prep classes run once a week for about an hour and fifteen minutes for at least 12 weeks from late March until June, right before the Chemistry Regents exam. We cover all of the topics of Regents Chemistry and focus on specific topics in which students in that specific class have trouble. We take several full-length chemistry regents practice tests so that the real test will be more routine that it would be otherwise.

Initially, students may start earlier in smaller groups. Classes more than once a week may overlap in content, but this is ideal for a complex topic like chemistry. Price is typically about 50 per class, and it may be more or less depending on the size of the lessons your student attends.

We determine the time based on the students who sign up early and give us their schedule. After signup, you will receive an email asking what times are available for lessons. John wrote a program that finds overlap times. This makes scheduling very easy and based on you.

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