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I think that calculus is much simpler than most of the math that students have seen before. I will show you why in a tutoring lesson. It’s interesting how calculus uses rather simple concepts to solve problems that would be nearly impossible using more classical techniques.

Newton invented calculus (during a pandemic) to solve physics problems better. It can be applied to many complex systems.

Calculus starts the ideas of slopes and proportions in Algebra 1 and pre-algebra. Then it takes them one step further. You can use calculus to turn a complex curve into a system of lines so that you can apply Algebra 1 and 7th grade material to them. The slope of a line is the same idea as the derivative in calculus. They are both the “average rate of change.” Instead of a line have a constant slope (and thus a constant rate of change), a curve has a rate of change at each point. The slope we calculate in Algebra 1 is the average of all of these “derivatives.” In addition to physics, calculus is also useful in calculating rates of reaction and my other phenomena in chemistry and everything around us

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I tutor Calculus in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, or online.  I will use it to help you solve the Calculus Advanced Placement test or your difficult high school or college course. If you would like me to include the interdisciplinary nature of the course, contact me and let me know that you are interested in my multi-year long term math/science plan. If I am your tutor until calculus, you will not need much help as your foundation will be strong and you will understand how all of the major ideas.