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Tutoring Math, Chemistry, or Physics, I instill a deep level of understanding that will not only prepare the student for tests, but also be able to apply these concepts to real world problems and build upon this knowledge in future classes. I was a chemistry teacher at Xaverian High School. I earned my Masters in Chemical Engineering from Cooper Union and am a graduate of Regis High School, earning full scholarships throughout my academic career. Since I have received such a great education, I feel that tutoring is one of the best ways to give back and propagate a strong foundation in math and science. I enjoy showing students how easy, fun, and useful understanding the phenomena of the universe can be from a math/science perspective.

Using this method, I’ve helped 7th and 8th graders earn over $22 million in scholarships to high school. In 2023, my students earned over $5.7 million in scholarships.

No Judgement

I familiarize the student with common problems and break them down into simpler ideas that walk the student to the correct solution at their own pace and without judgment. I customize lessons for the student and try to make them as fun as possible. I concentrate on improving your mental flexibility about how to apply the rules to the system. Once understood, you can apply this method to most math and science problems. I seek to I encourage an appreciation for the material, sometimes with puns and jokes.

Preparing Students for the Long-term

My goal is to improve humanity’s math and science literacy one student at a time so that we can make more rational decisions, better solve our problems, and start colonizing the galaxy as soon as possible. Not only do we need to figure out ways to take care of our own planet better, but we also need to spread out among the stars to maximize humanity’s chance for long-term survival. None of our day-to-day problems or legacies matter if humanity is doomed to extinction.

Interconnectedness of Subjects

I prefer to teach Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus as they are thoroughly interrelated; it is hard to tell exactly where one discipline ends and the other begins. I am more of an academic coach than a tutor. I am always available by phone or email for any questions. I will rarely just give the answer; I prefer to walk you toward the solution and assist you past your weak points. I am excellent at finding the piece of information or logic that allows everything to flow for you. I customize each lesson for the way you think. I relate the material to things you already understand and show how it is interconnected. I often make up examples using your hobbies and interests and can even show you how certain equations affected history or art.

I always bring my tablet with a multitude of problems and tests for authentic practice. I promote clarity in logic by illuminating cognitive biases and proving them with math. I usually do not allow calculators and encourage estimations, mental math, and fraction use to speed up calculations. I relate much of the obscure vocabulary to Latin bases as I took 5 years of Latin. I promote long-term thinking and an aversion to waste. After an adequate level of understanding is achieved, I focus on nuances in the material for speed on tests and implications to our daily lives that flow from taking the concepts to their natural conclusions. I enjoy seeing that moment when something the student was struggling with becomes easy.

John Zaborskis Teaching Background

I passed the rigorous 8 hour long Fundamentals of Engineering Exam(FE) which tested every math and science topic I offer and some. I was a chemistry teacher at Xaverian High School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I have volunteered at St.Joseph-St. Thomas and Gonzaga schools helping students in math and science. I started tutoring calculus, physics Latin, and chemistry in 2002. I am a Chemical Engineer who earned his masters from the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. I also graduated from Regis High School in Manhattan.

Tutored Students from all over NYC

I have successfully tutored many students from schools such as Pace, NYU, Columbia University, Stuyvesant, St. Ann’s, Xavier High School, LaGuardia, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Technical High School, Staten Island Tech, Xaverian/Genesis, McAuliffe, St. Joseph Hill and many others in physics, calculus, SAT Math, chemistry, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, high school entrance prep, and Latin. I can show you the simplicity in what you formerly considered was madness like I have for so many.

So that you can get a sense of my style, you can find a summary of the important ideas about pendulums that I wrote for Wyzant here

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