We offer practice interviews as many of the top private high schools in NYC require an interview for admission. This can be exceptionally scary as an eighth grader without preparation. Helping students consider certain questions will allow them to have the best answers and feel the most comfortable, even if not asked similar questions.

Below is the signup for our yearly mock Regis interview. If you would like a practice interview for Convent of the Sacred Heart, Marymount School of New York, The Mary Louis Academy, or any other high school or college

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Practice Regis Interview

Every year, we offer practice Regis High School interviews in late December (this year December 19, 2022 or December 28, 2022) as the real interaction is in the first week of January. December 19, 2022 has one space available.

A Regis alumnus, who has gone through the admissions process, will question the students in the mock interview.

13 of the students who prepared for the Regis exam with us earned interviews in 2021. Most of the students who prepared with us for the interview earned admission.

Each student will have a half hour mock interview and all others will be able to watch how each student handles the interview.

The interviewers and those watching will give feedback between sessions and elicit questions. Most of our interviews will be online.


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