Regis High School Profile for Parents

Located in the Upper East Side of New York City, Regis High School is the only tuition-free Jesuit high school in the United States and was ranked as the top Catholic High School in 2017. All students who pass the rigorous application process are awarded a full scholarship valued at over $100,000 over four years. Boys looking to attend Regis face a competitive application process that examines their academics and leadership skills. Your student’s tuition-free education at Regis High School will set him up for a lifetime of future success. As such, most of the student body commutes from as far as two and a half hours away to this Manhattan high school. Regis prides itself in helping its students become “men for others,” who will graduate from Regis High School as young adults committed to the tenants of Christianity, humanism, and justice.


Regis High School Quick Facts

Percentage of Regis students accepted to college 100%
Percentage of Regis students taking honors classes All courses are intensive and accelerated. Students are encouraged to take AP exams after taking the standard required courses at Regis
Yearly tuition Full tuition scholarship awarded for all boys accepted
Number of Clubs and Organizations 78
Number of Sports and Athletic Teams 8
The student to teacher ratio 10:1
Average class size about 12 to 24, depending on the course
Approximate Grade Size 140
Religious foundation Roman Catholic, Jesuit
Student body All Boys
Average SAT score 1470
Average ACT score 34
Entrance Requirements  Admissions application with essays, HSPT exam, two interviews
Test Date and Application Info;
Application Process
Open House Dates
Information Session Dates
  • Only free private Jesuit high school in the country
  • A student to faculty ratio of 10:1
  • Rigorous academics with 100% of graduating boys going on to a four-year college
  • Graduates leave with ACT and SAT scores in the top 1% of the country.
  • Less than 10% of applicants accepted each year.
  • Voted top Catholic high school in 2017, consistently ranks among the best high schools in the country.

Do you want your son to join the likes of the many famous writers, lawyers, scientists, doctors, journalists, actors, and directors that have crossed through the hallways and classrooms of Regis High School?

Let’s dive into the philosophy, education, and statistics of Regis High School so that you can start planning for the rigorous testing, application, and interview process that potential Regis boys endure in the hopes of becoming a Regis Owl.


The Story of Kindness and Generosity Behind the Regis Founding

Founded in 1914, Regis High School was made possible by the generous endowment from a formerly anonymous donor. Julia Grant, the wife of New York City Mayor Hugh Grant, donated the equivalent of nearly 40 million dollars for the founding of a tuition-free Jesuit school for the city’s top Catholic boys. While Mrs. Grant’s identity was kept a secret for a century, her large portrait in one of the school’s main meeting rooms often left people wondering if she was the famous anonymous foundress.

When she first handed him the envelope at Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, Mrs. Grant held her pastor, Rev. David Hearn, to two promises. The first was that her identity would be kept secret as the school’s founding donor.  The second was that the school would offer tuition-free education for Catholic boys.

106 years later, tuition remains free for the city’s brightest Catholic boys. While the Grant family endowment served as the primary, and often, only funds given to the school for its first 50 years, today, the generosity of parents and alumni allows Regis to continue to offer a top tier, tuition-free education.


Who is a Regis Student? 

Since it is one of the best high schools in the United States, it’s no surprise that parents wishing to send their boys to Regis High School start to think about Regis admissions when their boys are still young. Regis High School looks for boys who have demonstrated exemplary academics from as young as elementary school.

Each year Regis accepts approximately 140 boys into their incoming freshman class. Those boys come from the top 10% of male students from New York City and surrounding areas. Four years later, an average of 120 of those boys graduate from this Manhattan high school. It is not possible to transfer to Regis from another school. They accept only Catholic boys committed to strengthening their spiritual lives as much as their academic lives.

Rigorous academic standards and a high-quality faculty pool, each with an average of 18 years of experience in education, keeps Regis High School on the map as one of the country’s top private high schools. The student to faculty ratio of 10:1 ensures your child receives a focused and high-quality education. Some dedicated teachers like Fr. Bender, Mr. Barona, and Mr. Anselme have taught there for over 20 years. They carry on the excellent tradition of Regis teachers and set the standard for new teachers to continue.

Over four years, Regians take courses in English, theology, social studies, math, science, foreign language, history, economics, arts, speech, and writing. Languages offered include Chinese, Latin, Greek, German, Spanish, and French. Examples of transformative experiences are the “American Studies” paper and the Quest retreat, both in sophomore year. Regis boys are encouraged to grow spiritually and socially through extracurricular activities, sports, volunteering, and social justice seminars.

Christian Service Project

During Senior year, students are encouraged to take a Christian service project helping the underprivileged in the New York City area. Most students spend their entire third trimester of senior year doing this as the advanced nature of their courses allows for all requisites to be completed by then.


Extracurriculars at Regis

Regis offers over 70 clubs, sports, and activities for students to choose from the following categories: 

  • Cultural Based Activities
  • Interscholastic Athletics
  • Club Sports
  • Student Publications such as The Owl Newspaper
  • Student Government
  • Interest-Based Clubs
  • Performance Arts
  • Service-Based Programs like the Christian service program for juniors and seniors
  • Many more – List of all Regis extracurricular activities

Many of these programs include student participation during vacations and holidays, keeping Regis boys active and engaged year-round if they choose.

The Hearn

Regis is most famous for the Hearn, the school’s speech and debate team. Named after the Reverend, who first dreamed of building a free school for the area’s top Catholic boys, the Hearn competes and wins in national debate and speech conferences each year.

Science Research Project

Students have the opportunity to take an extra course from sophomore year to senior year designing an experiment, testing their hypothesis, and reporting the results. This helps students understand science much better than in the classroom or even from a lab. Students can attend various exhibitions throughout the tri-state area with their projects and have near full access to the lab tools that Regis can offer. Teachers are always eagerly available to supervise and give guidance.

Sports offered at Regis

Regis offers a range of athletics programs designed to encourage students to develop physical and social skills. Practice often occurs in Central Park.

  • Baseball: The varsity team has made it to the playoffs every season since 2001, with the exception of the 2003 season.
  • Soccer: Many Regis soccer players continue to play at the college level.
  • Basketball: The varsity team won state championships in both 2014 and 2018.
  • Track/Cross Country: Many track athletes compete at the college level, including a Cornell record holder in the 800 meters.
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Frisbee became a Varsity sport in 2018.
  • Volley Ball: The volleyball team won city championships in 2017 and 2018.
  • Golf:  The golf team competed in the CHSAA championships in 2019.

Regis also has a dance every month with many of schools on the Upper East Side, such as Marymount and Sacred Heart. Boys from other schools are not allowed. There is a yearly walk-a-thon with Dominican Academy.

Central Park, The Met, Guggenheim, and many museums and cultural centers are in the neighborhood. Older Regis students are allowed to go to these during school hours if they have unstructured time.

Graduating from Regis High School

After four years of social, emotional, and intellectual growth, 100% of graduating students go on to a four-year college. Compared to a national average of 69% of high-school students who go on to a four-year college, Regis students prepare for future success from day one.

Many students go on to well-known four-year colleges and universities. Some favorites include Georgetown University, Yale University, Columbia University, University of Notre Dame, Harvard University, and many more: Regis matriculation list.

Average Test Scores Graduating Regis High School


Young men graduating from Regis High School leave with an average SAT score of 1470. Compared to the national average score of 1059, it shows the exemplary educational opportunities afforded to Regis students.


Regis graduates leave with an average ACT score of 34. That score puts them in the 99 percentile of ACT test takers. The national average high school ACT score is 20.9.

The rigorous academic standards in place at Regis High School instill students with the skills, knowledge, and work ethic to become productive and faithful citizens who work to make the world better for others.

Much of that preparation for high school, college, and beyond begins in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade as potential Regis boys prepare for the strenuous Regis application process. Surprisingly, much of the material on the SAT and ACT is mastered in elementary school for the scholarship exam for Regis.

Famous Alumni from Regis High School

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci: Director of the National Institute of Alergy and Infectius Diseases and one of the world’s more frequently cited scientists. Fauci graduated from Regis High School in 1958.
  • Colin Jost: Writer, actor, and comedian. Head writer for Saturday Night Live since 2017. Jost graduated from Regis and then went on to Harvard University.
  • Steve Howe Jr: Chairman of Ernst and Young, one of the top four financial firms in the world and named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People by Accounting Today
  • Mark Kindschuh: Honored for his bravery when he ran in to help victims of the 2017 London Terrorist Attack using his skills to help stabbing victims.
  • Mike Memoli: Correspondent for NBC
  • Greg Giraldo: Comedian, TV personality, and lawyer.
  • Bill Condon: Oscar-winning screenwriter.
  • Patrick Fitzgerald: US District Attorney who participated in the prosecution of 9/11 terrorists.
  • Robert Giroux: Book editor famous for editing for T.S. Eliot, George Orwell, Virginia Woolf, and published Jack Kerouac’s first book and edited for over 7 Nobel laureates.


How to get into Regis High School

Since it’s one of the top Catholic high schools in the country and the only Catholic high school to offer free tuition, it shouldn’t be surprising that the admissions process is long and arduous. To be considered for acceptance into Regis High School for 9th grade, boys must be in the top 10% of NYC 8th grade boys. Boys must show superior academic and leadership skills from as young as 4th and 5th grade.


Regis High School offers a rigorous tutoring program for 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade young boys from NYC and the surrounding areas to prepare them for the Regis testing and admissions process. REACH is a free educational program that prepares Catholic boys from NYC for the admissions and scholarship processes for many of the top, private NYC high schools. Not surprisingly, REACH’s application process is difficult and exclusively offered to the top-performing 5th-grade boys in the NYC area.

The Admissions Process for Regis High School

The admissions process starts with boys nominated directly by their principal or 8th-grade teacher to begin the application process. Boys must have a strong academic background from as early as elementary school. To get to the nomination process, students typically score in the top 10% of state academic standardized tests.

After being nominated, these boys must complete an entrance application that includes multiple essays, proof of baptism, and financial aid forms. Two letters of recommendation are also required. Preference is often given to top-performing boys who cannot afford to attend a private Catholic high school. Many Regis boys are the children of Catholic immigrants. Applications are due each fall.

Two weeks after the application deadline, Regis invites selected boys to take the entrance exam. Regis High School uses its own entrance exam called the HSPT (High School Placement Test). The HSPT takes place at Regis High School each November. The HSPT is also used as the scholarship exam for many other high schools. Over 1000 of the brightest boys in the tri-state area take the Regis exam every year.

Top performers on the HSPT who score better than 75-80% of the brightest boys in the NYC area will then make it through to the next round for the interviews. Regis interviews about 250-300 boys for about 140 seats. So your chances of getting into Regis from the interview are about 50%. It seems that students who score exceptionally well on the HSPT and have strong application/essays have an advantage in the interview. If your student is selected after the interview, he will be awarded a full scholarship to one of the best high schools in the country.

Taking the Regis Scholarship Exam

Boys who sit for the HSPT each fall will take the 3-hour exam, which includes five sections:

  • Verbal: 60 Questions, 18 minutes
  • Quantitative: 52 Questions, 30 minutes
  • Reading: 62 Questions, 25 minutes
  • Mathematics: 64 Questions, 45 minutes
  • Language: 60 questions, 25 minutes

As you can see, very little time is given per question so students cannot hesitate. They need to understand the material backwards and forwards to do well enough on this exam. One of the best ways to improve your score is to take practice tests. The student can become much more familiar with the material and format. This will eliminate surprises on test day. You can signup for an HSPT Practice Exam below between April and November. We start with slightly easier exams earlier than that to build students up to the difficulty.

I work with students throughout their middle school careers to strengthen their academic skills. Over 29 of our students have passed the test to earned and interview to Regis High School since 2015. My students have earned over 12.8 million dollars in scholarships to NYC’s top private high schoolsFull Breakdown of Scholarships 2022

Check our full schedule of practice exams if no tests are available below.

Signup for Your Son’s HSPT or First High School Admissions Practice Exam Here

Boys who sit for the HSPT also can have their scores sent to Xavier High School in New York City, Fordham Prep, and St. Peter’s in New Jersey for consideration of acceptance and scholarship. 

Regis Admissions Interviews

Finally, if invited to move on to the admissions process’s semi-final round, boys will sit for two interviews the January following the HSPT exam. Between 10 and 20% of the students who are invited to take the Regis exam are invited back for an interview. Both a Regis faculty member and an alumnus interview each prospective student. Every interview will be different. There is no list of questions from which they must ask. Their goal is to try to get to know your student.

During the interviews, boys have the opportunity to show how well rounded they are in person. Regis boys who succeed in the interview process show their personality, interests, strengths, and leadership skills to their interviewees. A strong interview day can make a huge difference for a potential Regis student.

Because we have students who are invited to take the interview every year, we offer interview practice in late December every year. This year, 10 of our students will be taking the interview. We give each student a half hour practice interview that all other students can watch. The interviewer will give each student feedback between sessions.

Signup for Your Son’s Regis Mock Interview Here


Preparing for the Regis High School Admissions Process

The key to strong chances of admission is intense preparation from a young age. A student’s goal should be to  learn the material so well that they never forget it. All material they learn is cumulative and will allow a strong foundation to be built upon it. Students often begin preparing for the HSPT as early as 6th and 7th grade. Strong academics in middle school and strong performance on the entrance exams can increase their chances for acceptance into the competitive, tuition-free high school.

As a graduate of Regis High School myself, I know the preparation and commitment it takes to succeed in getting into a private high school. My tutoring team offers group and individual private tutoring sessions to boost your student’s academic performance and self-confidence for the rigorous private high school admissions season.

Students we have tutored have had excellent results on the Regis Exam

John Zaborskis has tutored 42 students who passed the Regis exam and helped many others earn millions in scholarships since 2015.

For those who took the exams in November 2021, 13 of John’s students passed the Regis exam to earn an interview. In total, all students earned over $3.8 million in scholarships to some of the best high schools in NYC.

If you want to increase your son’s chances of joining the ranks of Regis graduates who become “a man for others,” start him early with private or group tutoring sessions. Together we can prepare your student for success in high school and beyond. Most students take a TACHS or HSPT practice test before their first lesson to identify areas of improvement and potentially group similar students with similar goals. We also use this to compare to future practice tests to determine what is working and what isn’t. Call, text, or email us to discuss the best options for your son including individual one-on-one tutoring or in a group. You can view availability for groups and tutoring at Book Me.

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