One-stop resource for all things high school admissions, entrance, and scholarship preparation/information for your sixth or seventh grader. John Zaborskis will help answer any of your high school admissions questions and help you navigate the confusing process; I’ve helped students earn over $9 million in scholarships since 2015.

For example: 2021 Results – $2.5 million in scholarships with 10 out of 13 students passing the Regis Exam

  • Used John for Tachs tutor. Great tutor and great person.He has several great recommendations for tutors if he isn't available.

    Darlene Esposito Avatar
    Darlene Esposito

    I cannot say enough good about John. He will challenge your child more than they likely have been been but he does it in a way his students will rise to that challenge. My child made honors on all three of her choices and received full scholarships to both Hill and Sea, thanks to John's preparation strategy.

    Dave Clark Avatar
    Dave Clark
  • John was my tutor for both the TACHs Test and the SATs. I received half-to-full scholarships to every high school I applied to. After a successful highs school career I reunited with John to prepare for the SATs. The results were outstanding! I received the presidential scholarship to every private school I applied to ranging from $80-$100,000. I was accepted into, and chose to attend, the Macaulay Honors Program at College of Staten Island, CUNY on a full academic scholarship. I was tutored in group settings and can attest that John has a way with connecting to each student individually to ensure that everyone reaches their potential. For my family and I John was worth every penny as he’s saved us tens of thousands of dollars over the years. John Z tutoring is the real deal.

    John Hoey Avatar
    John Hoey

    Great tutor, got me a full scholarship to Sea and Farrell, and got me entrance into SI Tech

    Joseph Afflitto Avatar
    Joseph Afflitto
  • John helped prepare my son for high school entrance exams. He was knowledgeable about the material on the tests and strategies for taking the exams. My son was accepted to Regis and Staten Island Tech. He also received scholarships to Xaverian, Xavier, and St.Peter's High School. I would definitely recommend John.

    Susan Jaenicke Avatar
    Susan Jaenicke

    John offers exceptional preparation for the TACHS exam. My son was in a small group with similar ability students. He felt well prepared and confident on the day of the exam. John explained the results of every practice exam at length to me when I asked. My son did an exceptional job on the TACHs exam. He even received scholarships to two of his three choices, thanks to John’s tutoring service.

    Mrs. Cohen Avatar
    Mrs. Cohen
  • We are so lucky to have found Master of Chemistry. We used the MOC tutoring lessons for the TACHS exam and are very satisfied with their staff and services. MOC worked with us every step of the way and modified our son's tutoring whenever he needed more help. Our son is a different learner and needed more one-on-one in math. His math tutor, Ireen, was so patient and persistent with him and gave him excellent skill sets for the test. His tests results were very good (better than I anticipated!) and he was accepted into a fantastic high school.I would absolutely recommend Master of Chemistry tutoring to anyone serious about entrance exam testing. Best of luck to everyone!

    Julie Sankey Avatar
    Julie Sankey

    John was very thorough in breaking down each topic area and giving specific test taking tips. He was flexible in meeting times and group sizes. John offered many opportunities to take full practice exams and gave feedback and stats for each.

    Kristin McMorrow Avatar
    Kristin McMorrow
  • Michael D'Ambrose was an excellent tutor for preparation for the high school testing. Michael worked with my son for 12 months on a weekly basis to prepare for the SHSAT, HSPT and SSAT. Michael was always prompt and often went over the hour time slot. Since the SHSAT covers math that 7th graders haven't learned yet, Michael was instrumental in getting Evan up to speed. As a PhD candidate in chemical engineering, Michael really understands the subject and had excellent success teaching algebra to him. We ended the process with 3 great high school options: Brooklyn Technical High School, Xavier High School Ignatius Scholars Program, and 2 NYC private, independent day schools. We are very pleased with the results and thank John and his team for all of their support, communication and guidance along the way.

    Cynthia LaCaprucia Taylor Avatar
    Cynthia LaCaprucia Taylor

    John is an extraordinary tutor. He tutored both of my sons. We had tried other tutors but John stood out from the pack! My sons even liked him! Thry both did really well and I am very grateful to John! Could not recommend a better tutor! He tutored one for a high school entrance exam and one for college ACTs...

    Jack Doyle Avatar
    Jack Doyle
  • Very happy with my son’s tutoring experience with John. It is because of John’s knowledge, expertise and ability to instruct students for examinations that truly prepared my son for the difficult entrance examinations. My son was accepted into the best Catholic high school as well as receiving scholarships to other schools he applied to.

    Ann Avatar

    John’s tutoring was instrumental in getting my son a full scholarship offer to Farrell HS, and an offer to Staten Island Tech. His methods are helpful to my son and are the reason for my son’s success. He also tutors my daughter for SAT. I highly recommend his services.

    Justin Chiu Avatar
    Justin Chiu
  • John does excellent tutoring, because through him my son was able to get into his first choice school, and also full scholarships to all three of his schools choices. I can't wait to use him again for future tests preparation for all my children. Thank you so much John

    Alta Boulos Avatar
    Alta Boulos

    My son worked with John last year for the 2018, HSPT, Tach, and scholarship exams. He was a semi finalist for Regis, and was offered scholarships to both Xavier and xaverian. John is an amazing tutor and prepares the kids for everything!! Thank you!!

    Tara Muir Avatar
    Tara Muir
  • I was looking for a tutor for my son and John came highly recommended. He also has excellent tutors that work for him as well. Tim Hadad and Avril Saavedra were wonderful. They were extremely knowledgeable of the material on the exams and of specific testing strategies to incorporate . For 12 months they prepared my son for SHSAT, TACHS, and Regents. My son received two full scholarships to Monsignor Farrell HS and St. Peter’s HS and passed the Algebra and Living Environment Regents with flying colors. I am looking forward to working with John and his staff with my younger son. Thank you very much!

    Tara Sessa-Hynes Avatar
    Tara Sessa-Hynes

    John is excellent and his hard work guiding my daughter thru TACHs and HSPT earned her several scholarships and high scores. John and his team are easy to work with and what he gives to his students will show in their scores. He prepares them and gives them confidence and gives detailed reports on his testing. He is excellent and worth it!

    Nicole Digerolamo Avatar
    Nicole Digerolamo
  • We were so luck to have John as a my son’s HSPT tutor. He is so knowledgeable and passionate about tutoring and very kind. He answers us right away. My son got accepted to the school where he wanted. Thank you John!

    Olivia Lee Avatar
    Olivia Lee

    I would highly recommend John and his team as a TACHS tutor . My son did exceptional well and both the TACHS exam and the scholarship tests for the Catholic High admissions. I had recommended to some of my friends and family.

    Maria Masi Avatar
    Maria Masi
  • John is lit

    Soph M Avatar
    Soph M

    John came highly recommended to me and did a great job preparing my son for the TACHS and scholarship tests he has taken. My son received full scholarships to both Xaverian and St Peters. He also received scholarship money towards Xavier and Staten Island Academy. I already have and will continue to recommend John to others.

    Ms. Franzreb Avatar
    Ms. Franzreb
  • John is an excellent tutor. My son got into all of his High School choices and received scholarship offers. John’s classes made the material accessible and he kept up my son’s motivation. Thank you John for the great work

    moira nascimento Avatar
    moira nascimento

    John's tutoring is exceptional and I would highly recommend him! My son scored very well on his TACHS test after receiving weekly tutoring from John. He was very well prepared for the test. Additionally, he actually enjoyed going to his weekly tutoring sessions because John made it enjoyable for them while teaching. Thank you John! Great job!

    Amy Perrotta Avatar
    Amy Perrotta
  • John is an excellent tutor who really motivates his students, and keeps them focused on their own personal goals. He’s an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend him.

    Dororhy Bligh Avatar
    Dororhy Bligh

    I was looking for a tutor specifically for the HSPT and came across John's website. It was the best decision I made. Not only did my son get into Regis High School, but he got other scholarships as well. He worked with the kids, kept us updated and answered any questions we had. My son gained confidence in his ability to tackle these tests and for that I am grateful. Looking forward to working with John again for my other children. Thank you so much!- Marie - Jan 2017

    Marie Allen Avatar
    Marie Allen
  • Highly recommend! My son was tutored by John for preparation for the TACHS exam. He was part of a group tutoring session, however, all of the students still got a very personalized tutoring experience. John was very open to the students asking questions, and would help the students with anything that they needed during the session. At one point, I was concerned with my son’s progress, and John took the time to have a long conversation with me to discuss ways in which we can help my son further. He then implement those changes, and the end result was my son doing very well on the exam and getting accepted into his high school choices. John is very friendly, helpful, interactive with the students, and very responsive to questions, not only questions my son had, but myself as well.

    Alaina Signorastri Avatar
    Alaina Signorastri

    The Master of Chemistry team was an excellent choice in preparing our daughter for the TACHS exam.

    Allison Cuddy Avatar
    Allison Cuddy
  • This is excellent HSPT tutoring well worth the investment. Starting in the summer, we worked with Julian Rhine on John's team a couple of times a week via FaceTime/Skype. Through that and diligence completing more than 10 full practice tests, my son did well enough to get a full scholarship to Regis High School, as well as a full scholarship offer to St. Peter's Prep in JC, and scholarships to Seton Hall Prep and Oratory Prep. A total of more than $250k in scholarship money. THANK YOU for teaching him the skills needed to ace the test and to walk in with confidence. Julian was tremendous and John was a great resource to us as well. You'll be our first call in a few short years when it's time to start thinking about the SAT....Couldn't recommend more enthusiastically!

    Michele Baer Avatar
    Michele Baer

    John came very well reccomended. His process included evaluation, tutoring and re- evaluation which enabled us to really understand my daughter's strenghths, weaknesses and progress as she prepared for high school exams. John made sure my daughter was paired with study groups that were a good fit for what she needed to focus on academically. She was challanged, motivated, and had fun with John and her peers while learning. By exam time she was well prepared and very confident . The fruits her and John's efforts were realized this week with acceptances to all 3 TACHs choices, including a full scholarship to St. Joseph Hill Academy and partial scholarship to Xaverian. Congrats to both and thank you to John. Look forward to working with John again as my next middle schooler looking towards high school.

    Jim A Avatar
    Jim A
  • John is a great tutor. My sister got a full scholarship and was accepted into her top 3 schools with his help.

    Juan Abel Cruz Avatar
    Juan Abel Cruz

    John is a great tutor!!! He worked with my son on passing the SHSAT test and definitely prepared him for it. My son really enjoyed his hourly sessions with John each week. I can proudly say my son scored 596 on the test and made his first choice, SI Tech. Thank you John for all your hard work and experience throughout this process. I definitely recommend your tutoring services and look forward to working with you again for my daughter.

    Tara Lombardo Avatar
    Tara Lombardo

High School Admissions Practice Exams

First, practice tests are given periodically to help identify strengths/weakness, group similar students with similar goals together, and compare to future practice tests.

Schedule a High School Admissions Practice Exam for TACHS, HSPT, SHSAT, or ISEE here

Learn more about which test your student should take at HSPT, SHSAT, and TACHS Comparison , ISEE Compared with HSPT , SSAT Compared with HSPT:

Prepare with Weekly One-on-One or Group Lessons

Our goal is to improve in your student’s weak areas in individual or group lessons and make it fun and painless. John aims to consolidate knowledge they have seen in school, but may have forgotten after the test. John’s goal is to help students learn the material so well that they never forget it. Then, they can easily pull it up for a test and later apply it to their lives. Lessons start many months or years before the exams for optimal results. Lessons are typically once per week. We have weekly homework to reinforce what they learn in session and in school.

Book a High School Admissions Individual or Group Lesson for SHSAT, HSPT, and/or TACHS

High School Information & How to Rank Choices

If you’re not sure what high school is best for your student, we can suggest which would be the best fit, which they can get into, and which tests they should likely take. We have troves of data from previous students and their practice tests to help determine if they are on the right path. Additionally, you can review research we’ve updated on each school like:

Some of the best all boys high schools in NYC

Some of the best all girls high schools in NYC We can also provide information with school ranking when applying. For the TACHS, each school gives scholarships/admissions based on how you rank them. It is easier to earn a scholarship or entrance to most schools if you rank them higher. There is a delicate balance that needs to be applied to achieve maximum results.

High School Admissions Applications

We will make sure you write your best application you can. We will not write the application for you. These applications often have essays. Some of the scholarship exams like Notre Dame Academy require an in person essay. We will not write anything for you but we can tell you how we think it can improve and if it is adequate for your abilities and your goals. This will help the student write better essays in the future. We have some excellent writers who also work as writers or editors.

High School Entrance Interview Prep

Interview preparation for schools like Regis, Marymount, Sacred Heart, and Mary Louis Academy. Only some schools require interviews for admissions.

Signup for a mock Regis interview or other high school interview here

High School Entrance Choice

After you’ve opened up all of the doors, it’s time to choose one. A lot can change between when you are preparing and when you choose. Our tutors can offer our opinion on what we think might be the best fit.

List of Scholarships Earned Through Tutoring

Tutoring HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results 2021

Tutoring HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results 2021

Below is a summary of the results of 80 students who John Zaborskis consistently tutored for the TACHS and/or HSPT in individual and group lessons online. Entering high school in September 2021, they earned over $2,507,000 in academic scholarships to high schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Long Island. This is over $9 million in scholarships for 8th grade...

read more
HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results 2020

HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results 2020

Below is a summary of the results of 52 students who John Zaborskis consistently tutored for the TACHS and/or HSPT in individual and group lessons. Entering high school in September 2020, they earned over $1,733,000 in academic scholarships to high schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens. This is over $6 million in scholarships for eighth grade students from 2016-2020. Regis...

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HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results 2019

HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results 2019

Below is a summary of the results of 35 students who John Zaborskis consistently tutored and who took the TACHS and/or HSPT. They will enter high school in September 2019. Most prep was in group lessons but some was individual. They earned over $1,318,594 in academic scholarships to high schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Regis High School, Manhattan - Regis High...

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HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results 2018

HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results 2018

Below is a summary of the results of 26 students who we tutored and took the TACHS and/or HSPT. They will enter high school in September 2018. Most prep was in group lessons but some was individual or even over skype. They earned over $1,403,725 in academic scholarships to high schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. Regis High School, Manhattan - Regis High School...

read more
HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results in 2017

HSPT and TACHS Scholarship Results in 2017

Below is a summary of the results of about 40 students that I tutored who will enter high school in September 2017. Most prep was in group lessons. They earned over $1,400,000 in academic scholarships to high schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. Regis High School, Manhattan - Regis High School Admissions Profile  five full four-year scholarships/acceptances-valued at over...

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