Do a little bit at a time. Memories made over long period of time will stick with you longer. Practice until you cannot get the topic wrong - not until you get it right. Everything is cumulative and builds on previous topics.

March 15, 2020:
Thorough corrections for all section should be handed in. You want to explain the answer (succinctly) so you can get that type of problem correct in the future, not just write the answer. Anything you do not understand or that took a long time, please ask about.
Understanding moving the decimal

March 22, 2020:
pages 521 (Vocabulary)
pages 523-526 (Reading Comprehension)
page 532-533 #1-20 (Spelling and Capitalization)
pages 539-540 (Math)
Create 5 new words from the root words on page 110 - they do not need to be real. Everyone else will need to determine what they could mean.

Due April 1, 2020:
pages 527-531 (Reading Comprehension)
page 534 - 538 (Punctuation and Usage)
pages 541-547 (Math)

Note the time for each section and try to go at that rate for the following pages:
Page 357 (Verbal)
Page 371-374 (Reading Comprehension)
Page 379 (Vocabulary)
Page 389-391 (Quantitative)
Page 363 (Grammar)

Due April 15:
Page 358 (Verbal)
Page 364 (Grammar)
more to be added

Formula Sheet
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