Test Admission Catholic High School

Available for small groups for  TACHS Prep in Staten Island and TACHS Prep in Brooklyn

I have prepared students for the TACHS and scored in the 99th percentile in the in the analogous version when I took it on Staten Island. I earned a full four year scholarship to every Catholic High School I applied - St Joseph by the Sea, Monsignor Farrel, and Moore Catholic High School. I have many practice tests and questions to go ov I stress estimations, proportions, fractions, and simpler ways to do seemingly complicated math problems. Most students fret about the "no scratchwork" section but I show them how easy some mental math can be. I keep them interested with some interesting puzzles from my "Bag of Tricks" and use paper cutouts to elucidate the tricky "Abilities" section. I can maximize your student's chance to get into their first choice or maybe even a scholarship. I offer small groups for TACHS prep and occasionally do one-one-one tutoring for TACHS. The TACHS is every year in the beginning of 8th grade, but best results come from starting early. If they are preparing for the TACHS, they may also want to prepare for the SHSAT and/or HSPT (Regis)

I will be teaching a TACHS prep course at St. Joseph - St. Thomas School in Staten Island from July - August with two full practice tests.

Every student takes an initial practice test before the first lesson  evaluate strengths/weakness and compare to all future practice tests. Groups are currently forming. There are typically initial practice tests in November, December, January, February, March, April, and July. For the most recent practice tests, see Pioneer Tutoring Events Facebook

Price is typically $20 per student for a 3 hour exam. Space is limited. Contact me to reserve your spot.

TACHS and HSPT Scholarship Results
2016 Results - $430,000 in scholarships
2017 Results - $1.4 million in scholarships
2018 Results - $1.4 million in scholarships

What one parent has said about our high school entrance prep

To help determine what tests would be best for your student to take and how to prepare for them see: HSPT, SHSAT, TACHS Differences and Similarities

If you would like me to include the interdisciplinary nature of the course, contact me and let me know that you are interested in my multi-year long term math/science plan.