Reminder: Do a little bit at a time. Memories made over long period of time with stick with you longer. Practice until you cannot get the topic wrong; not until you get it right.

Due July 19:
Detailed corrections to all problems you initially solved incorrectly on the practice test are to be handed in.
For reading comprehension, write the line where you can find the answer. For math, write out all work. For vocabulary, write a synonym (the lexicon that was emailed to your parents groups many synonyms together). For grammar, write the rule or how you can recognize it easier in the future. If you write the main verb of the sentence, you will receive credit. For abilities, write the rule or pattern.
Word Choice - Who vs Whom
It's vs its - Any pronoun with an apostrophe should be said as a contraction, NOT possessive.

Due July 31:
Another reading comprehension, math, and grammar packet due

Due August 1:


Due October:
Thorough corrections from your practice test must be handed in.
You should not only write the answer, but also explain the rule or how you can get it correct in the future. For math, all work should be written out. For reading comprehension, the line or lines where the answer can be found should be written. For abilities, you should write the rule for the similarity or pattern.

Consistently review over the summer:
Divisibility Tests
Finding prime numbers
Factor pairs
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic (Factoring to primes)
Identify Factors and Multiples
Least Common Multiple
Greatest Common Factor
Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple Word Problems

Subtracting Negatives
Adding and subtracting negatives
Adding and Subtracting Negative Fractions
Adding and Subtracting Fractions Word Problems
Converting percents to decimals
Converting decimals to fractions

Converting Fractions to Decimals
Rounding Decimals
Rewriting decimals as fractions challenge
Multiplying positive and negative fractions
Multiplication with Decimals
Dividing Decimals
Comparing Rational Numbers
Order of Operations - (Challenge: Order of operations with negatives)
Challenge: Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers
Rational Number Word Problems

Exponents - (Challenge: Exponents with Integer Bases)
Positive and Zero Exponents
Square roots of perfect squares
Estimating Square Roots

Understanding moving the decimal
Patterns in powers of 10
Understanding Place Value when multiplying or dividing by 10
Multiply and Divide by powers of 10
Multiplying and Dividing with powers of 10
Scientific Notation
Adding and subtracting in scientific notation
Scientific Notation Challenge

Writing Proportions
Solving proportions
Solving Proportions word problems
Ratio Word Problems Rate problems - (Challenge:Rate problems with fractions)
Finding Percents
Percent word problems
Discount, Tax, and Tip word Problems
Markup and Commission Word Problems
 Fraction Multiplication as Scaling
Interpreting Scale Drawings
Age Word Problems
Multiple Units Word Problems

Reading Bar Graphs
Reading Picture Graphs
Mean, median, mode
Find a missing value given the mean
Median and range Puzzlers
More average practice

Area of rectangles - (Challenge:Area and perimeter of rectangles word problems)
Finding a side given the area
Area of Triangles
Radius, Diameter, and Circumference
Area of Circles -- Challenge: Area and Circumference of Circles
Extra Challenge: Area and Circumference of Parts of Circles
Challenge: Shaded Regions
Pythagorean Theorem

Challenge: Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems
Triangle Inequality Theorem

Challenge:Evaluating expressions with variables
Writing Expressions
Interpreting Linear Expressions
Writing Algebraic Expressions Word Problems

One step algebra
Two Step Algebra
Two Step Equation Word Problems
Two Step Equations with Decimal/Fraction Coefficients

Complementary and Supplementary Angles
Finding Angle Measures 1
Finding Angle Measures 2
Finding Angles in a Triangle
Finding Angles in Isosceles Triangles
Triangle Angle Review
Create Expressions to Solve for Missing Angles
Finding missing angles
Unknown Angle Algebra Problems
 Quadrilateral Angles
 Angles in a polygon
Surface Area
Solid Geometry Word Problems
Volume with fractions
Volume word problems with fractions

Multiplying powers with like bases
Multiplying Monomials (Exponents)
Dividing powers with like bases
Exponents raised to exponents
Using exponent rules to reevaluate expressions
Properties of Exponents
Multiply and Divide Powers with Integer Exponents
Powers of Products and Quotients
Properties of exponents Challenge
More Powers of Products and Quotients Practice
Multiplying and dividing in scientific notation

Word Choice -They're, their, there has some great grammar. It donates rice to feed the hungry for every correct answer.

Formula Sheet
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