Long-term Math and Science High School Plan

I offer a comprehensive multi-year plan that will cover all your student's needs from 7th grade to Senior year in high school. If you are interested, I will continually expand upon what they are learning and stress ideas that they will need in other courses. I will be proactive rather than remedial and make sure they are on top of everything. Some parents have said that I am 100% dedicated and will do whatever it takes to make sure the student succeeds. Students typically start for SHSAT prep or TACHS prep in 7th grade. I build their math and critical thinking foundation so that they swim through the Living Environment (Biology) and Algebra Regents in either 8th grade or as 1st year freshman in high school. They will react well to Chemistry and see all the angles when they get to Geometry by Sophomore year. I will prepare him or her for the Regents, AP, and/or SAT II in all subjects. You will be shocked by how much they understand about Physics, Trigonometry, Calculus, and the SAT in Junior year and beyond. Junior year is typically the most difficult and most important year for college admissions and being well prepared before that can make all the difference.

If I am unable to help at something, I will recommend someone who can. There are specialists in English, history, and language, and other subjects that are available to help students that I tutor as they know they are good students.

I offer discounts and creative payment options for this but space is limited and service must be for at least 3 years. All contingencies accounted for. If you are interested in these services, contact me.