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430k in Academic Scholarships Awarded to Students I Tutored for TACHS and HSPT

posted Jan 24, 2015, 8:11 PM by John Zaborskis   [ updated Feb 16, 2017, 4:00 AM ]
The 25 students that I prepared for high school entrance exams earned a sum of over $430,000 in academic scholarship money to high schools in Manhattan, Staten Island, and Brooklyn for their entering year in 2015. Below is a summary of their fourteen awards:
  • Regis High School, Manhattan- two Full Four-year Scholarships/Acceptances-valued at $20,000/year = over $80,000 over four years
  • Xavier High School, Manhattan - one Full Four-year Scholarship valued at $15,600/year = over $62,400 over four years
  • Notre Dame School of Manhattan - one $2,000/year scholarship for four years = $8,000 over four years
  • St. Peter's Boys High School, Staten Island- two Half Scholarships valued at $3750/year = over $15,000 over four years
  •                                                                                                   -one $1,ooo/year scholarship for four years
  • St. John Villa Academy High School, Staten Island- one $1,ooo/year scholarship for four years
  • Notre Dame Academy, Staten Island  - one $1,000/year scholarship for four years
  • St. Joseph by the Sea High School, Staten Island - one Full Scholarship valued at $7,000/year
  • Xaverian High School, Brooklyn - one Full Scholarship valued at $13,000/year = $52,000 over four years
  •                                                                             -two Three-quarter Scholarships valued at $9750/year = $39,000 over four years
  •                                                                             -one-1500/year scholarship
9 out of the 25 students - More than one out of every 3 students earned some sort of scholarship.
4 out of 25   Nearly  one out of every 6 students earned over $25,000 in combined scholarship money

Out of the 25 students that I prepared for the TACHS, 22 have confirmed that they got into their first choice. Many have even been accepted to the Honors or Scholars programs in schools such as Monsignor Farrell, St. Joseph Hill Academy, ChaminadeStaten Island Academy and many other college preparatory programs, secondary schools, and high schools

Some students earned more than one scholarship and obviously cannot take both; however, if each went to the school that gave them their max award, they would save over $253,000.

I can not take all credit as the schools, teachers, parents, and especially the students all worked hard to prepare for their future academic success.

Preparation for the Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools has already begun. Contact me to talk about how we can get the best results from your student. 7th grade is a great year to start, not only because of the impending high school entrance exams but also because most topics in Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Math, and Calculus rely on concepts learned/mastered around 7th and 8th grade.

Check out what some of the parents and students have said: Reviews

*All tuition are lower bound estimates based on latest data at the school websites as of publishing. Tuition is expected to increase over time.

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